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WaltSoft Trade Manager MT5

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MetaTrader 5


  • Calculates the Lot Size for a given Percent Risk and places the order with SL and TP with a click of a button.
  • Locks in your profits on auto-pilot with a Set Break Even function and/or several Trailing Stop Loss methods.
  • Drag and position your Stop Loss and Take Profit before placing the actual order.
  • Close trades with a click of a button.
  • Works with Market Orders, Instant Orders, Pending Stop Orders and Pending Limit Orders.
  • Works on any instrument:  Forex, Bonds, Futures, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Crypto ...
  • Works on Renko and Range Charts.
  • Simple, intuitive and straightforward, no cluttering of info.
  • ...


this EA (partly) doesn’t work in the Strategy Tester!


  • Magic Number = 0.  0 (zero) = automatically sets Magic Number.  -1 (minus 1) = NO Magic Number.  Or Enter a unique number (or other EA MN)
  • Order Comment =  (optional). Enter your order comment
  • Money Management = Choose between:
    1. Risk Percent of Free Margin
    2. Risk Percent of Balance(default)
    3. Risk Percent of Equity
    4. Money
    5. Lots
  • MM Value = 2. The value for the above chosen method
    - Example: you lose 2% of your account balance if Stop Loss gets hit
  • Risk Reward = 2. You make 2 times your risk when Take Profit is reached
  • Stop Loss (Pips) = 10
  • Pending Order Distance (Pips) = 10. You can drag this to re-position
  • Expiration Time Pending Orders (Minutes) = 0 (no expiration when 0)
  • ** Round Turn Commission Per Lot = look this up with your broker
  • ** Have to Convert Commission = see remark
  • Set Break Even When Pips Profit = 10. Stop Loss will be moved to break even ...
  • Break Even Plus Pips = ... plus 1
  • Initial Trailing Stop Method = Choose between:
    1. Trail Pips
    2. Trail Steps
    3. Trail Bars
    4. Trail Fractals
  • When Trail Pips:  Trail When Pips Profit = 15. If price has moved at least 15 pips in profit, it will start trailing. If you hit the button at 30 pips, it will trail 30 pips
  • When Trail Step:  Trailing Step = 10,  Trail Pips = 5.  When 10 pips in profit, SL is placed at 5 pips from price.  Next step is when price moves 10 pips away from SL etc. 
  • When Trail Bars:  Trail Number of Bars = 3.  Will put SL at Highest High / Lowest Low of previous Number of Bars
  • When Trail Fractals:  Time Frame Fractals = H1 (M1 to W1)
  • Initial Kind Of Order =  Market/Instant Order or Pending Stop Order or Pending Limit Order (radio buttons on panel)
  • * Lock Button Sell default = ON
  • * Lock Button Buy default = ON
  • Break Even Button Sell default = OFF
  • Break Even Button Buy default = OFF
  • Trailing Button Sell default = OFF
  • Trailing Button Buy default = OFF
  • Panel on the = Left or Right
  • Panel Color Scheme = Brown, Silver, Green, Blue or Gold Color Scheme
  • Font Size = 10. Scales the whole panel up or down
  • Panel Distance from Left (Pixels) = 5
  • Panel Distance from Top (Pixels) = 25
  • Adjust Panel Width (Pixels) = 0
  • Adjust Panel Height (Pixels) = 0
  • Show Panel Part Trade (Top) = YES
  • Show Panel Part Close (Middle) = YES
  • Show Panel Part Close All (Bottom) = YES
  • Confirm Close All = YES. Pop-up window asking to confirm
  • Play Sound Orders = YES. Play a sound when a position is opened
  • Show Info Margin Required = YES
  • Show Money On Target Labels = YES.  "price / points / money" are displayed on the SL & TP target line labels.  NO: only "price / points" are displayed


*   Buttons Lock ON (OFF):

When ON and you click Set Sell (or Set Buy) then the Stop Loss and Take Profit targets move up and down together with price.
When Lock is OFF, the SL and TP stay put while current price moves.

** Remark on Commission:

Some brokers have a fixed commission in the account currency.
Some brokers have a commission that has to be converted to account currency and also depends on the traded pair.

When you are not sure what to enter in "Round Turn Commission Per Lot" and whether to set "Have to Convert Commission" to YES or NO:
Set "Money Management" to "Lots" and enter 0.01 or 0.1 or 1 lot.
Do a few trades on different pairs and see what the commission is.

Enter the commission (for 1 lot) on that trade in "Round Turn Commission Per Lot". (if 0.01 lot traded --> multiply by 100; if 0.1 lot traded --> multiply by 10)
If the commission is the same for different pairs, then set "Have to Convert Commission" to "NO" otherwise set it to "YES".


Some brokers provide wrong data on tick value for (especially) CFDs, meaning that your Lot Size will not be correct!
So before live trading please always first check that instrument by making a trade on a DEMO account.




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