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MetaTrader 5
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Everything for chart Technical Analysis in one tool

Quick tip: Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert

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1. Extend rectangle and trendline into future - Trend Support Resistance

Object will be extended into future when price will draw new candlesticks on chart. This is rectangle extender or trendline extender

2. Price alert with mobile push notification phone alert + email alert

   2.1. Alert will be triggered when price will touch extended rectangle or extended horizontal trendline

   2.2. Trendline alert is available for rayed trendline (angled trendline, trend alert, trend break alert, trendline break alert, line alert) 

3. Engulf alert with mobile push notification + email notification

Alert will be triggered when price will break rectangle supply demand zone

4. Candle Close alert with mobile push notification

Alert will be triggered when candle will close outside of the rectangle. Extended trendline and ray trendline have the same Close button

5. Sound repeat after Alert, Engulf or Close 

R button will enable you repeat alert sound every few seconds (you can set repeat interval in seconds with sound_repeat_seconds_interval)

6. Risk reward ratio calculation tool
Risk reward ratio calculation for extended rectangle that are used for supply demand zone

7. Trendline compression tool and Flat trendline button
Mark compression zone on the chart, like price action zone. If you click on Flat button then trendline will become horizontal flat. Trend line alert

8. Rectangle origin position focus
Function that will show origin of selected rectangle in the middle of the chart when button @ is clicked

9. Horizontal break line price
Function will search first horizontal line break in chart history on the left

10. Object timeframe visibility buttons
Set object timeframe visibility with LTF, MTF and HTF buttons

11. Color change buttons

Quickly change color for selected object with color button click. If no object is selected then color buttons will create a new rectangle, otherwise the selected object color will be changed

12. Text button - object name text position

Display rectangle or trendline text in all possible spots around or inside object. This works for non-extended rectangles and trendlines where we would like to have object name displayed in suitable place around or inside object

13. Chart synchronization - chart sync object

"SYNC" button (sync chart object or chart sync object) function for selected rectangle, trendline and horizontal line object chart synchronization on the same symbol (charts synchronizer, object sync). The selected master object is copied to other charts of the same symbol

14. Auto scale TF visibility for newly created rectangle & trendline 

This function will set timeframe visibility for current and lower timeframes. This will give bigger importance to objects on higher timeframes

15. Multiple timeframes analysis with nested zones  

Bands button will create top and bottom rectangle lines visible on all TF but filled rectangle will be visible only on current TF. This will help you to see HTF levels on lower timeframes. Rectangle top and bottom lines will be dashed for higher timeframes and solid for lower timeframes. When you disable Bands button it will restore rectangle TF visibility

TRADING BOX group chat and channel.

This extended rectangle or Zone Extender can be used like color level or color levels advanced rectangle tool. It can be used as order block rectangle alert. Many traders use it as consolidation box for breakout alert or break alert. Trend alert and Line alert is very useful. It works nicely with Forex Trade Manager, Trade Assistant, naked forex, Easy Trade Manager, Draw Horizontal Ray, Smart Ruler, Order Block Breaker, Quick Order Tool, email price alert, Smart Rectangle Extender, Risk Reward Ratio Calculation, TBTA, FX Trend, FX Power, Entry Points Pro, FX Volume, Advanced Supply Demand, pip counter, breakout alert


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