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PipTick VSA is based on the original Volume Spread Analysis method. It was designed for quick and easy recognition of VSA patterns. Even though this indicator looks very simple, it is the most sophisticated tool that we've ever made. PipTick VSA indicator is a really powerful analytical tool that generates very reliable trading signals. Because it is very user friendly and understandable, it is suitable for every type of trader, regardless of his experience.

What is VSA?

VSA - Volume Spread Analysis is a form of technical analysis which attempts to look into price action in relation to volume. This is a proven method for analyzing a financial markets. This approach works in all markets because the VSA evaluates imbalance between supply and demand which are constantly emerging.

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PipTick VSA shows 28 patterns that are divided into two groups. Signs of Weakness [SOW] and Signs of Strength [SOS].

  1. U - Upthrust [SOW]
  2. RU - Reverse Upthrust [SOS]
  3. PU - Pseudo Upthrust [SOW]
  4. PRU - Pseudo Reverse Upthrust [SOS]
  5. ND - No Demand [SOW]
  6. NS - No Supply [SOS]
  7. PBC - Potential Buying Climax [SOW]
  8. PSC - Potential Selling Climax [SOS]
  9. CAS - Climactic Action - Professional Selling [SOW]
  10. CAB - Climactic Action - Professional Buying [SOS]
  11. RS - Reverse Shake-Out [SOW]
  12. S - Shake-Out [SOS]
  13. 2RS - 2-Bars Reverse Shake-Out [SOW]
  14. 2S - 2-Bars Shake-Out [SOS]
  15. TR - Top Reversal [SOW]
  16. BR - Bottom Reversal [SOS]
  17. RER - Reversal After Effort to Rise [SOW]
  18. REF - Reversal After Effort to Fall [SOS]
  19. SVS - Stopping Volume - Professional Selling [SOW]
  20. SVB - Stopping Volume - Professional Buying [SOS]
  21. TD - Test of Demand [SOW]
  22. TS - Test of Supply [SOS]
  23. FPB - Falling Pressure - No Buyers [SOW]
  24. FPS - Falling Pressure - No Sellers [SOS]
  25. ERM - End of a Rising Market [SOW]
  26. EFM - End of a Falling Market [SOS]
  27. HS - Hidden Selling [SOW]
  28. HB - Hidden Buying [SOS]

Main features

  • The indicator shows 28 VSA patterns
  • Really accurate signals
  • Based on the original VSA
  • Works on every timeframe (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN)
  • The indicator is non-repainting
  • Ready for backtesting
  • Customizable parameters (Colors, Pattern Visibility, Text Size...)
  • Very fast calculation
  • Can be used for creating EA (Expert Advisor)
  • Available for MT4 and MT5

Input parameters

  • Volume_Method - Tick or Real volume
  • MA_Period - Period of MA calculation
  • ATR_Period - Period of ATR calculation
  • Display_Legend - Allows to enable or disable displaying of legend
  • Offset - Offset of VSA patterns labels
  • Text_Size - Text size of the indicator labels
  • Show_U ... Show_HB - Allows to enable or disable displaying of the individual VSA pattern
  • Color_Panel_Label - Color of panel label
  • Color_Panel_Bar_Up - Color of bar if price goes up
  • Color_Panel_Bar_Down - Color of bar if price goes down
  • Color_Panel_Low - Color of low value
  • Color_Panel_Average - Color of average value
  • Color_Panel_High - Color of high value
  • Color_Panel_Ultra_High - Color of ultra high value
  • Color_U ... Color_HB - Color of the individual VSA pattern

Outputs parameters

  • VSA - Number of VSA pattern according the legend

For more information, visit PipTick VSA product page.


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