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Samuel James


Imagine having an indicator that can calculate and place the strongest levels of support and resistance as soon as you open your chart, for any timeframe, on any market.

This was the goal we had when starting development for HLines, and after two years of intensive development and testing, we have successfully achieved this goal.

"HLines is the most sophisticated support and resistance indicator on the market"

This indicator will save you a heck of a lot of time:

You will no longer have to spend the time to consider where you think the best S&R lines should be placed.

HLines uses real data to place them for you, objectively, removing any human ambiguity. 

By knowing where these S/R lines are, you can significantly increase your win rate and win size:

HLines clearly displays when the S&R line was placed. You simply have to scroll back through price history to see how accurate these lines are.

You will see example after example of price approaching these levels, hesitating, and bouncing right off them, providing perfect opportunities for entry and exit.

Things to remember: 

Higher timeframe S/R is a lot stronger than lower timeframes! 

Combining strong bullish/bearish candlesticks with the HLines can set you up for some fantastic trades.

What makes HLines the best S&R indicator?

  • Developed by a world-class programmer with 40 years experience in the industry, finely tuned over 2 years of intensive development
  • Processes a huge amount of data to accurately display the strongest levels of support and resistance. (strength is adjustable, the higher the strength goes the less S/R lines you'll see) 
  • It’s effectiveness is self-evident; scroll back through price history and you will see price consistently reacting to the HLines.

These levels are programmed to find the strongest S&R levels on ANY pair and timeframe.

If you wait patiently for a clear rejection off these HLines you can catch some fantastic moves off them. You can look at past price action and see for yourself lots of great moves off the HLines.


  • 100% automated
  • Multi-timeframe compatibility
  • Customizable HLine strength
  • Works with any market
  • HLines can automatically jump/be replaced if it's found a stronger line of S/R
  • HLines update on every new candle close from the right edge of your screen. This allows you to scroll through past price data and experiment with favourite markets
  • Can adjust line width
  • Can adjust line style

How do I know exactly when the S/R line has been placed?

You know when S/R lines have been placed because the line turns from a solid to dotted line. (Check image for more insight)

*If you have enabled HLines from another timeframe, click the original timeframe you want the HLine to come from so it can load in the data.

Tips on using HLines

  1. Higher timeframes have stronger S/R lines.
  2. Look for wicks off an HLine for a potential entry.
  3. Wait for candles to close before entering.
  4. You can open several of your favourite charts with HLines and keep an eye out for great entries.

NOTE: This does NOT give buy/sell arrows.

Please feel free to PM with any questions. I always respond within 24 hours.


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