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MetaTrader 5
Profalgo Limited
30 June 2019
23 December 2020


Grid King LITE is a budget friendly version of the popular Grid King EA, specially made for those traders that try to find an affordable, high performance EA.

The LITE version takes ones of the best performing setups from the original and has almost no parameters to set, which makes it a very easy plug-and-play setup.  

If you already own the original Grid King EA, you do NOT need this EA.

Live results so far:


  • To properly backtest the full potential of this EA, you can run the test with the MT5 version, since only MT5 can do multi-currency pair backtests!
  • MT4 can only do single pair backtests, so you need to run all backtests for each pair seperate.

Grid King LITE is a grid system which can trade 29 currency pairs from a single chart.  The EA is loaded with safety features, including, but not limited to:

- Currency-pair correlation filter

- Spread Equalizer Algorithm

- Trailing TP Risk Minimization

- Max Loss safety system

- etc....

This EA can run on accountsizes starting from 2000$, though I would recommend a 3000$ account to trade more safely. 

I recommend using cent-accounts if you have a balance lower than 2000$.

Leverage of 1:100 or better is highly recommended.  MT5 account-type MUST allowed hedging. (so NO "netting" account)

The EA will monitor 29 pairs and trade price-breakouts and reversals.  It will use a clever grid algorithm for safe-landing trades when market turns against them.

If a grid should become too big, the EA will hedge the grid and slowly break it down.


  • Make sure all pairs are visible in the Marketwatch window, and have "some" history for H1
  • Open a EURUSD H1 chart
  • Launch the EA to that chart
  • If your broker uses a suffix, don't forget to add it to the parameter "suffix"
  • Select the pairs you which to run (running all is recommended) 
  • Set the desired risk mode

Key Characteristics:

  • Minimum starting capital: 1500$ (though 3000$ is recommended)
  • very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques
  • "safety first" approach in development
  • ONLY grid-system on the market that passes   18 years of stress-tests on historical data on   multiple pairs
  • fully automatic
  • Not sensitive to spread, commission, or account type, but ofcourse a low spread ECN broker will work better and is recommended!
  • One of a kind S.E.A. (Spread Equalizer Algorithm), which greatly improves stability for bigger spreads and slippages
  • Easy Plug-and-Play setup

Parameter overview:

  • Broker suffix: If you broker uses a suffix in the pair names, you must fill it in here (for example, if your broker uses, must must set "suffix" to ".pro", without the quotes)
  • Pairs to run: Here you can set which pairs the EA should run.  By default, it will run all 29 optimized pairs (recommended)
  • Use all pairs together in strategy tester: when enabled, the EA will run all pairs set in the "pairs to run" parameter together while doing backtests
  • Risk Mode: Here you can set the desired maximum risk for your balance, should a grid go wrong
  • StartLots: When using Manual Lotsize settings, here you can set the lotsize at which to trade (first trade of the grid)
  • Use Autolotsize: When enabled, the EA will use the LotsizeStep for lotsize calculations
  • LotsizeStep: easiest explained with an example: when lotsizeStep=5000, the EA will use 0.01lots for every 5000$ in the accountbalance.  so an accountbalance of 20000$ will trade at 0.04lots.
  • Magicnumber for strategy A
  • Magicnumber for strategy B
  • Magicnumber for hedged trades 
  • comment for the trade: comment that the trades will have
  • Infopanel Fontsize: will determine the overal size of the infopanel"
  • X_Scale_Adjustment: when using high resolution screen (like 4K), this will help getting the infopanel shown correctly (value for 4K is "1")
  • Y_Scale_Adjustment: when using high resolution screen (like 4K), this will help getting the infopanel shown correctly (value for 4K is "1")

Never forget that past performance is no guarantee for the future


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