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MetaTrader 5
Brian Kobiero


Capital Cents

Trade like a professional at ease with Capital Cents Pro:Plug and Pay! Automatic Trade Entry and Exists coupled with powerful risk/profit management algorithm.

Nothing complicated, just straight forward EA to help you choose the best trades from the bad one and afford you a better chance of being in the winning team.

Capital Cents Pro features Powerful Trading strategies in a Clean Code that will put you on a path towards actually making profits trading and break the cycle of barely breaking even or making profits. It Places market orders and Pending stop orders simultaneous to counteract the effect of "false" signals in trading. Capital Cents helps you cut your losses short and increase your profits. This EA which is built for the MT5 platform supports User Input of Stop Loss Points, Take Profit, Keep Profit, Alerts,Notifications, & Emails. Users can set their stop losses depending on appetite for loss or profit. Our algorithm will detect false breakouts hence protecting you from massive losses.

 Risk Management

Capital Cents helps you cut your losses short. This EA supports User Input of StopLoss Points. Users can set their stop losses depending on appetite for loss or profit.  We have to perfect our algorithm to detect false breakouts hence protecting you from massive losses and will continue to improve.

Reward Management

Capital Cents lets your profits run. You can set your own take profit with the Take Profit input easily.

The EA ensures that it keeps your profits when you are away by closing positions when position profit reaches a pre-defined amount. Any further profit positions are closed thereafter.


Performs Automatic Buying and Selling of currencies. For use with other securities, kindly test the product with the security before using real money. 


Ideal for the one hour time frame and 30 minute TimeFrame. 

User Input:
  • Take Profit
  • Stop Loss
  • Lot Size
  • Keep Profit
  • ModiOffset
  • OrderValidity
  • EnableNotifications
  • AlertIntervalSeconds
  • J-Curve

How it works

Once you have loaded Capital Cents Checks for potential breakouts for trade- Long or Short. 

If an opportunity arises based on its 7 strategies, it executes. It Also places a pending stop order of the opposite type should the trend go against the trade(Rarely).
On every trade, it sets an automatic Stop-Loss and take profit point for the open symbol. 

If J-Curve feature is activated, you instruct your ROBOT to trade more vigorously for greater profits. This mode is ideal for less volatile and trending market conditions. 

Manual Position Management(For Exiting a trade only)

Although Capital Cents will not need your assistance most of the time, if you have time, you can always manually manage your trade along side the EA. This is recommended for optimal results. Using simple indicators on the chart, you can always learn where to exit a trade and slightly increase your profits. 

Indicators Used:
  • Moving Averages
  • CCI
  • MFI
  • MACD and more...

Further tests on the EA:

Best Risk To Reward Ratio: 2.2%DD and 13%PF.

Optimization Results: Out of the 7 market watch symbols, the EA breaks even or makes a profit in 5. Its best performance on the USDJPY pair for which it was optimized while coding! Its a confirmation that the results are not random but intended by a combination of strategies aimed at the pair, which happen to hold 50/50+ truth in the market behavior within the selected period. There is also a significant profit with the EURUSD. these two pairs form part of the top three most traded pairs by volume in Forex. It is therefore ideal to trade on a high volume market with this EA and that makes sense because of the way its meant to work - Its a scalping EA (If you set to take your profits off the table every so often.) Considering changes in the market which may make the results we have unjustifiable, its best to trade USDJPY because of the good results we get from tests on this pair.

(Results for july-2018-Feb-2019) !!!Do your tests to compare before use.

We will update you as the results keep streaming in with every pass.You can share your results too  (Good or Bad) in this thread.



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