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MetaTrader 4
Carmine Pinto


WindReturn is a fully automated solution to exploit the particular market tendence of the price to return, periodically and cyclically, to its own mean. This algo-solution is the result of years of research through charts and market theories with particular attention to dynamic behavior of currency pairs "ripples", encapsulating the observations in a technical art form.

Technical details

WindReturn will mainly focus to profit in the short term trend,but also in the "hot zones" where the price is unbalanced on a side of its own "mean" basing this on a higher time frame that will be monitored properly; when the price is in the "hot zone" a lower (or higher) time frame can be checked to pin point the "return" through an adaptive mechanism based on divergences which are detected  through a built-in neural indicator that will adapt within market oscillation amplitudes and volatility cycles. This special mechanism is just one of the four available core systemsthat you can choose along with four different main strategiesto trade and strive in the "hot zones" based on your preferences or eventual new optimizations which can make the EA a whole new world to explore, in fact the EA comes with an extremely high flexibility degree due the synergistic interaction of strategies and different time frames at the same time. The EA can be used on Day-by-Day or Week-by-Week basis.

Even though WindReturn is developed with sophisticated concepts, you should be aware of your level of management experience, your trading goals and grid trading knowledge before running the EA. Also, make sure to properly envaluate the capital allocation since the strategy reliability normally increase with increasing of the capital allocation. Averaging MM is generally associated with higher risk levels than standard money management systems.

It is strongly recommended to buy this EA only for those who are passionate enough to explore beyond the system!

Main features

  • Multi-time frame monitoring of the "mean" and the mean's volatility cycles
  • Built-in multi-time frame neural adaptive divergence indicator
  • Built-in multi-time frame pivot points and psychological levels
  • Built-in news module to avoid low, medium and high impact news (optional)
  • Open parameters optimizable for every market/time frames combinations
  • Overall 4 strategies and 4 core systems (4X4 matrix) which can be combined individually one by one
  • Detailed user manual (40 pages) with all parameters description, included strategies principles (on request after purchase)
  • Algorithm based on 6 years of research


  • Symbols: Any
  • Time Frame: Any
  • Brokers: ECN brokers, low spread/commission, 1:400 leverage, non-FIFO or FIFO rule
  • Ideal Trading Condition: Ranging, Asian, Out-of-News periods
  • Usability: extreme flexibility

Main Parameters

  • DirectiveSet_Speculators: period of the short term trend tracking indicator
  • DirectiveSet_Investors: period of the longer term trend tracking indicator
  • Imbalanced_Demand: "hot zone" for signal search where demand is imbalanced
  • Imbalanced_Supply: "hot zone" for signal search where supply is imbalanced
  • triggerSet_Specs: indicator trigger in relation with "DirectiveSet_Speculator"
  • TriggerSet_Invests: indicator trigger in relation with "DirectiveSet_Investor"
  • Volatility_check: when true, EA will search for specific volatility conditions 
  • Volatility_TF: time frame selection where to search for volatility conditions
  • AdptTrigger: the adaptive trigger level factor where to search for volatility conditions
  • Recovery_Core: here you can select your preferred recovery core

Please note, this is just a very brief parameters presentation since the EA is complex and it would be impossible to explain here all the EA parameters along with their correlate functions.

By the way, the complete parameters description will be accurately detailed in our 40 pages user manual (on request via PM after purchase), where it is also described about working strategy principles to give in your hands a comprehensive understanging of a very flexible while powerful trading tool.


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