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Shmendridge C7MT4 Channel Breaks

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MetaTrader 4
Benjamin Dixon



  • Simultaneous Multi-Signals, Multi-Symbols and Multi-Timeframes. Please message me for ALL settings.
  • I am constantly seeking new signals and improving old ones to maintain and improve the edges in my updates to this EA
  • Extraordinarily robust (wide range of settings produces positive results over long testing periods during optimizations and across different broker feeds and timeframes)
  • Built-in anti-curve fitting features for extremely robust optimizations (Time Dilation testing, Monte Carlo testing and Jiggle testing)
  • No martingale or other suspicious/dangerous MM
  • No suspicious open trade drawdowns. Standard broker stop-loss placed on all orders
  • No hard-coded tricks to fit past data
  • Settings working across multiple timeframes and markets nicely
  • Very simple and safe money management by percent of account equity
  • This EA is a powerful tool that will probably live forever in your trading arsenal
  • Less than 1/3rd of the price of other incredible EAs


This EA is a Multi-Signal, Multi-Time frame, Multi-Symbol robot which plays Donchian Channel breakouts, Trendline breaks and more. Message me for all the settings. It has unique ways of calculating the channel width, channel/trendline touch points, entry, SL and TP and adapting to volatility. The trailing SL can utilize "big round numbers" as protection from premature stop-outs. The built-in anti-curve fitting features yield a high correlation between the results in sample backtest and the output of a sample forward test on many markets and timeframes.

I use 3rd party software, experimentation and am often researching traders forums always looking to try, improve and add new signals for my updates to this EA. (New signal ideas always welcome.)

I am using this EA on my own live account but I don't have much initial capital, so I will sell some copies of this to give my trading account a little boost.

Check the comments for more screenshots, complete settings list, reports and live account results.


  • Symbols - number of symbols from the symbols list to run simultaneously. (Multi-Symbol mode only works live. MT4 Tester can not do multi-symbols.)
  • symbol0..symbol30 - symbols list
  • timeframes - number of timeframes from the timeframes list to run on simultaneously.
  • timeframe0..timeframe5 - timeframes list
  • method - trading signal type to trade:
    • dchan - Donchian channel signal, places orders at channel edges
    • trln - trendline break signal
  • FREQUENCY - number of seconds to wait in between main program calls
  • magic - Magic Number
  • Lots - Percent. Lot size calculation is always this percent of account equity.
  • AlwaysMinLot - Force at least a minimum lot order execution even if it means higher risk than specified in Lots.
  • maxorderage - keep pending entry orders active for this many bars
  • maxposage - number of bars to hold a position open before exiting
  • maxspread - expressed in volatility units. If triggered, will remove all pending orders temporarily to protect from slippage due to low liquidity
  • trailtype - select the trailing stop algorithm. BRN(0) trails on big round numbers only. exHiLow(1) trails on hi and low of previous bars. exDHiLow(2) trails on day bar hi/low. exIchi(3) trails on Ichimoku algorithm. exKelt(4) trails on Keltner algorithm. exHeiken(5) trails on Heiken-Ashi hi/low. exHeikenD(6) trails on Heiken-Ashi Day hi/low. Psar(7) trails on Sar algorithm.
  • stoploss - stop loss expressed in either ATR or Bollinger Band Percent (depending on the "factor1" setting, see below.)
  • takeprofit - take profit expressed in either ATR or Bollinger Band Percent as defined below.
  • Chanlength - length of channel expressed in bars
  • mintouchpt - trendline min touch points.
  • patd - max width of flag or wedge pattern allowed to be traded. Expressed in ATR or BB units.
  • chancore - Channel core expressed in either ATR or Bollinger Band Percent depending on the "factor2" setting (see below)
  • F1type - Factor 1 definition. Can be set to either "1 - bbF" (percent of bolinger band) or "0 - atrF" (ATR). This is the measurement that the SL, trailing SL and pad are expressed in.
  • F2type - Factor 2 definition. Can be set to either "1 - bbF" (percent of bb) or "0 - atrF" (ATR). This is the secondary measurement i.e. that the channel width is expressed in.
  • FnumTP - whether to us factor 1 or factor 2 to express the take profit measurement.
  • UseMAdifFl: if 'true', it will use the moving average difference filter


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