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Murodillo Eshkuvvatov


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All genius things are elegantly simple. SanityScalper Expert Advisor is very simple, but it is based on the most proven trading principle since the markets exist – enter the market in the direction of a strong market impulse, after a reasonable correction is detected. In the core of this trading principle is our deeply encoded human psychology, which will never change. Our goal was to keep SanityScalper expert advisor as simple as possible in order to prevent the curve-fitting, which is the biggest enemy of the EA trading.

SanityScalper EA Features
Strong, pure and simple trading logic
24/5 trading, without any time restrictions – no GMT shift hassles
Reasonable TP and SL levels, Trailing Stop/Step
Low drawdown( up to profit Factor )
Small number of system parameters – easy optimization and no curve fitting worries.
Solid 18-year backtest performance
Multiple currency pairs support
Instructions and recommendations
You can use Auto MM=2% (low risk) up to 10% (high risk), according to the significance of your account and your risk and profit expectations.

Reasonable fixed Lot size is 0.05 on 1k account balance, or 0.5 lots on 10k account balance.

If you use multiple currency pairs, you should consider decreasing the risk accordingly.

Supported currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, etc..

You can run the EA on M15 or H1 chart – it makes no difference for the EA, as all used timeframes are hardcoded.

You can backtest and optimize the EA on M1 chart by “open price only” method – this will be correct enough and save you a lot of time.

Finally, please, bear in mind that Holy Grails in trading does not exist! Even the best system suffers some bad periods. SanityScalper EA is using very reasonable SL levels, so they can get hit /even repeatedly/ in bad market condition. Please, do not leave negative comments after every SL hit, or losing trade!

Balance Risk- using Specific amount of Balance
Lots- Chosing Lot size when used as manual trading
Allow longs- Allowing long positions
Allow Short- Allowing Short Positions
Magic - magic number - it is extremely important to keep this different for all robots
EA_Comment -,No comment against Manipulations
Type- Auto/Manual Using as Automatic EA trading or using it manually
Timeframe- Timeframe for trading and counting Impulse high/lows(Important )
IdentHiLow- Entering trade with High And Low of Previus Candle
LotsMultiplier-Can Be used as martingale EA, and if entered1 it is fixed entry
TakeProfit - take profit value in standard 4 digit pips - reasonable value range 5-30, opt. step 1
First Step Order- First and second positions distance
Step Multiplier- Multiplying Steps fro second order previous x distance in points
Trailing Stop- TrailingStop in points
Trailing Step- Trailing Step In points 
Magic Number- can be modified when diffireing from another EA
Show Info- showing Fully reasonable important info, in a Left corner top
Text Color- Info Color
Bay color- Buy Color on Manual trading
SellColor- Sell color on Manual Entry
Trend_Impulse – relative strength of the market impulse - reasonable value range 0-60 opt. step 5

FixedLots - fixed trading lots when AutoMM = 0.
AutoMM - money management. For example, AutoMM=5 means that the robot will trade with 5% risk.

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