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MetaTrader 4
Teresiah Kuriah
30 July 2019
15 September 2019


Similar but not exact ea
Use 480p YouTube setting for best view

The Livetrade EA is a visual trader that uses 1) Indicators listed on the chart 2) Bar patterns 3) Resistance and support levels 4) Psychological levels and pivot points.Red and yellow lines in the form of hexagonal shape mark areas pointed by these indicators to make it easy to handle many indicators all at once. The EA has a history bank of 52 bar patterns which it compares with current bar setup. Each bar patterns is associated with either a buy or sell trade. 

We have made a scalping version of this ea ( livesignal for you to understand how this ea works(however this ea and the one on youtube are slighly different with the one on youtube trading more frequently. The scalper trades on a live account. We have not placed this particular EA(Livetrade EA) on youtube since it is easy to copy the trades hence would it not make sense to sell. The scalping version that is on YouTube places between 5 to 30 trades a day with most being break even trades. Livetrade EA does not have break even concept during backtesting, we established that the results of adjusting stoploss to breakeven (trailing stop) does not yield any substantial gain at the end of the month. The scalper (on YouTube) is in the testing phase and is not for sale. We have put the link so that you can understand how this ea works as they both work the same with minor differences. Livetrade EA being a swing trader would normally have 1 to 2 trades in a typical day as opposed to the scalper which places more frequent trades per day. The orders for Livetrade EA are placed at market. No stop or limit orders are used. 

Livetrade EA always uses takeprofit and stop loss levels.

The YouTube video on the scalper had problems on 29-30 Jul 2019 after updating the ea. You may want to overlook that period which has blank screens and frozen MT4. Below is the link again for you to see livetrades on live account:

(Please note this livestream is for the scalper version of this Livetrade EA and are not the same.The scalper should provide adequate livesignanl results to understand this ea. Also, the scalper is not for sale but a demonstration of the concepts of this ea in a live environment). We have not put Livetrade EA on youtube as its signals and trades can easily be copied as explained above. The scalper(on youtube) trades have shorter duration hence not easy to copy.

Also, as word of caution which also relates to forex in general, and as required by mql5 rules,we wish to say that neither the backtest results or referenced live results are actual results expected.

Timeframe- M5(five minute) timeframe.

Currency-GBPUSD,Gold vs USD, EURUSD

This EA does not utilise the following:
  1. Trend trading
  2. Martingale
  3. Hedging
  4. Scalping
  5. News trading
  6. Grid trading

  1. Fix_Chart_Scale-The ea fits all indicators to screen hence changing default chart scale. You can negate this here
  2. Lot Size -  Set desired lotsize. 
  3. Fixed lot -  define if you desire exponential lot increase or not
  4. Exponential Lot Increase Rate-  define the lot units by which lot will be increased. default is 0.1
  5. Unique Magic- set magic number for your trades


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